Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Positive Trends in Longford Property Prices

Longford house prices continue to increase with strong gains in 2005. Year end reports show prices nationally are up 9.3% with Longford beating the average and showing 11% increases. Most of the growth in prices came in the last few months of the year as prices increased dramatically after the summer. Westmeath prices are up 11% while Leitrim are only up 2%. Cavan is up 14% and Roscommon prices are up 12%. More details can be found at the ESRI website.
Total house completions last year were 973 which is a 7% increase over the previous years total. These numbers are small however when compared to Cavan which completed over 2100 houses in 2005. There is continued strong demand for farmland in County Longford with many local farmers looking for grazing land to let.

Monday, January 16, 2006

High Speed Broadband Comes to Longford Town

Crossan Cable are now one of the fastest internet providers in the country with over 9MB download speed available over their cable lines to their customers.