Monday, April 11, 2005

First Post

Here is a potential blog about Longford if I ever pursue it.............


Anonymous said...

what a fantastic and insightful post!!

Paddy said...

It is a great site. Try and give a bit more information about developments in Longford - in particular housing, so that those of us with disabilities can actually find a place to live. I'm not looking for a house for nothing - I'm in the market just as anyone else and I want to buy a house in Longford or Edgeworthstown. It needs to be ramped and ready so that I can get into the house using my wheelchair.
It often appears to me that the Building Regulations Act 2002 are being openly flouted by some County and City Councils.

Paddy said...

Would you consider putting a section on this site that would inform people about accessible housing for people with disabilities.

This would be invaluable. Best wishes and good luck with the BLOG.